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Humpback Whale breach
Snorkel tour Cabo San Lucas

Into the Blue
– Whale Watching and Snorkeling combo

During the months of December through to April we run this trip as a whale watching and snorkeling combination.  Enjoying the humpback whales as they migrate to breed and calf, breaching and tail slapping to attract a mate in the ocean in Cabo San Lucas, after the whale watching we will head to a great snorkel location to enjoy the diversity of fish and the corals.  The Sea of Cortez hosts around 900 species of fishes.

Your guide will also be busy taking photos and videos of your awesome experience to send them to you after your tour so you have the memories to share with your friends. We will provide snorkeling equipment including a wetsuit to ensure you’re comfortable in the water and light refreshments for the trip.  If you are new to snorkeling or need a refresher this trip is perfect for you and your group too.

Every year from May to August and then from November to January, Baja is the home to the largest and most spectacular mass migration of Mobula Rays.

Here the Mobulas congregate to breed, in schools of thousands close to the shore around Cabo San Lucas. Often leaping out of the water to attract a mate as seen on amazing documentaries like BBC Blue Planet and National Geographic. These rays are totally harmless and your expert guide will ensure that you can slip in the water and snorkel or freedive with this spectacle of nature without effecting the behavior of the schools. We’ll also be looking out for other cool marine life; dolphins, turtles and sealions, when it’s possible to jump in with our coolest ocean wanderers we will.


✓ All snorkeling equipment
✓ Life jackets
✓ Water and snacks
✓ Expert guide
✓ Free videos and photos of your tour
✓ Duration 3 hours

Meeting location : Cabo San Lucas Marina

  • Shared Tour
  • $ 140
    per person
  • Child under 8 – $100 per child
  • Private Tour groups up To 6 People
  • $ 550
    per group
  • Additional person up to 12 max $50pp


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