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The journey to founding Adventures in Baja – ecotourism in Cabo

Karen – Founder of Adventures in Baja was recently approached by @findingfounders to feature in a podcast on the Founders of Ecotourism here in Cabo San Lucas.


Interviewed by a very astute Samuel Donner  to discover her journey to Baja California, discovering her life choices, fears and challenges that led her to establish Adventures in Baja.  Check out the link below to hear her story from Project Engineering, to sailing across the ocean,  working with the Nobe people to overcoming her fear of sharks, becoming a dive instructor and founding Adventures in Baja.—How-a-Ruptured-Appendix-and-a-Dead-Man-On-a-Plane-Turned-an-Engineer-into-a-Divemaster–The-Cabo-Series-e19408s


Leaving the UK she sets out to curium navigate the globe









Then finds the Floating Doctors – medical charity in Bocas Del Torro – Panama, who needed help



To Baja California, the deserts and the incredible marine life


                                    Whale shark snorkeling tour

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