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Discover the dive sites Cabo Pulmo presents a daunting array of possibilities given that the park encompasses some 7,111 hectares (about 27.5 square miles), with eight fingers of hard coral reef. Thus, finding experienced guides like Adventures in Baja is highly recommended. Adventures in Baja is certified for national parks like this one, and over the past eight years the company’s owner and chief guide, Karen Bradfield, has become expert in leading private and small group tours at sites throughout Cabo Pulmo. This familiarity with the park and its undersea attractions allows Adventures in Baja to work closely with

Karen - Founder of Adventures in Baja was recently approached by @findingfounders to feature in a podcast on the Founders of Ecotourism here in Cabo San Lucas.   Interviewed by a very astute Samuel Donner  to discover her journey to Baja California, discovering her life choices, fears and challenges that led her to establish Adventures in Baja.  Check out the link below to hear her story from Project Engineering, to sailing across the ocean,  working with the Nobe people to overcoming her fear of sharks, becoming a dive instructor and founding Adventures in Baja.   Leaving the UK she Cabo Pulmo a marine hope spot and conservation success story, reported as the "most successful marine park in the world", here's the story..  If you’re an experienced diver you’re almost certainly familiar with the name, even if you haven’t been lucky enough to go there as yet. If you’re a beginner, it’s a name that should be learned and instantly added to your dream list of destination dive sites you someday want to experience. Cabo Pulmo is that special, that unique…its story is that unusual, its location is that breathtaking. It doesn’t hurt, of course, that


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